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The Little Bighorn had to happen precisely as it did, with the ensuing loss of life, for America to grow into the place that it is today. Think of it this way: for Americans in 1876, the massacre at the Little Bighorn was the very visceral twin of the attack on 9/11.

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Knowing the movers and shakers in education can help you learn a thing or two. This isn’t the Pythagorean Theorem, this is useful in real life!


In a ‘He said She said’ kind of world, it’s good to know that some people are still talking about what matters and can give it to you without the fear of being shunned by the popular kids.


Who doesn’t want to live forever? You won’t. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a source you can go to when WebMD tells you that you have Malaria, Ebola and magically you’re better in three days because it’s a cold.


No one likes hearing someone repeat themselves – it’s a sign of worse things to come. Luckily you can avoid that if you have 10 minutes to learn what has already happened. You’re changing the world!


Not what you think, if you do that kind of thing already. There aren’t perfect faces on perfect bodies here. No. This is the entertainment that happens outside of passive intake of content. Do try and keep up.

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A Hip that’s Almost Ready to Hop

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The last time, I was preparing for my second full hip replacement. When I say “we” I mean Baby Boomers, of course, but the club for joint replacements is anything but exclusive.

A Hip that doesn’t Hop

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I am having my left hip replaced. This is a gruesome operation. I will need blood, oxygen and the super-human skill of a surgeon.

Meet the Woman Creating Our Future

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First things first: What, exactly, are the life sciences?

They’re all the “good stuff”, explains Donna …


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By now, most of our children are safely back to their usual school-time routines. They have their books, crayons, pencil sharpeners, glue sticks and all the necessary (and hyper expensive) trapper keepers. But where do they put all of their supplies? They have to get to their homework, schoolbooks, lunch and assorted other treasures somehow.

The Wating Room

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You force yourself to believe that news will come. You try to numb yourself against any possibility that the doctor’s words will in any way fall short of “fine.”