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The Little Bighorn had to happen precisely as it did, with the ensuing loss of life, for America to grow into the place that it is today. Think of it this way: for Americans in 1876, the massacre at the Little Bighorn was the very visceral twin of the attack on 9/11.

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Knowing the movers and shakers in education can help you learn a thing or two. This isn’t the Pythagorean Theorem, this is useful in real life!


In a ‘He said She said’ kind of world, it’s good to know that some people are still talking about what matters and can give it to you without the fear of being shunned by the popular kids.


Who doesn’t want to live forever? You won’t. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a source you can go to when WebMD tells you that you have Malaria, Ebola and magically you’re better in three days because it’s a cold.


No one likes hearing someone repeat themselves – it’s a sign of worse things to come. Luckily you can avoid that if you have 10 minutes to learn what has already happened. You’re changing the world!


Not what you think, if you do that kind of thing already. There aren’t perfect faces on perfect bodies here. No. This is the entertainment that happens outside of passive intake of content. Do try and keep up.

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Obama’s New Deal Fails

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Let’s hope Barack Obama had a great time in Hawaii, mourning the passing of his grandmother and enjoying some dad-and-husband time on the beach on the rich side of the big island.

The rest of us are enduring one of the coldest, most dangerous winters of the new century, waiting anxiously for him to save us.

The much gloried New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt really didn’t work in economic terms. It was just too little, too late.

It offered a nice emotional and psychological lift for a badly demoralized America, but the prolonged neglect perpetrated by Herbert Hoover and the congressional Republicans in the face of the growing Great Depression had simply done way too much damage.

This should sound extremely familiar. Wasn’t that George W. Bush, the lamest of ducks, telling an interviewer that he had not yet made up his mind about saving the American auto industry last week?

What’s he waiting for? Another Muslim country to invade; or the sight of Rome/Washington burning as in the time of Nero? No wonder most Republicans pretend he doesn’t even exist.


President-elect Obama’s massive public works project, as announced, is certainly a nice, much-needed idea, but its immediate prospects for success seem just this side of laughable.

Too many suddenly jobless Americans who are in the process of losing their houses just can’t wait for some nebulous public works project to turn things around.

Franklin Roosevelt found this out to his regret, brilliant and innovative as his plans were. Thus far, Barack Obama has shown us neither brilliant nor innovative.

Roosevelt needed the event of World War II breaking out to create our national myth of full employment. Obama won’t get that.

Either we will continue to fight small colonial wars (call them “Crusades”) against Muslim fanatics (aka “terrorists”), or the whole world will become consumed in some kind of unimaginable Armageddon. I vote for the new Crusades.

Either way, Barack Obama needs considerably more than road and bridge building to save his fellow Americans.