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Privacy Policy

We value your privacy like our own. Any information you share with this site will not be exchanged, sold, traded, bartered or given away. At Consult Mallowe, we believe privacy is not a crime. Happy and safe surfing!!!

Why do we have a Privacy Policy?

Because we want you to know not everyone using the internet is trying to steal you identity or spam you offers for weight-loss pills or better credit.

We only use the personal information you submit to us. We will never send you an unsolicited email, phone call or letter. We strive to protect your security and privacy whenever you submit any personal information to Consult Mallowe.

What we cannot avoid collecting is the boring and impersonal information: what browser you are using, how you found our page and what operating system you are using. This information will only be used to enhance your interaction with this website and your overall online experience. This data tells us nothing of your personal information, just facts our geeks use to better the website.

As always, we appreciate you visiting Consult Mallowe and feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding our company, online privacy or our privacy policy.